Jacqueline Butler

Jacqueline Butler’s arts practice evaluates the role of the contemporary photograph to the real, domestic and Onhearing1explores themes associated with analogue photography, of loss and melancholia.

Jacqueline is currently undertaking a PhD at Glasgow School of Art is a member of FTN (Family Ties Network and MCollective (artist book co-operative). She is currently a Principal Lecturer and Director of Studies for the Department of Media at Manchester School of Art, MMU.

For Tall Tales Jacqueline will be showcasing a series of recent works from the 2014 Asia Triennial Manchester programme at MMU, entitled On Hearing of His Illness. As part of a research trip to the Kala Raksha Trust in the Kutch region of India, Jacqueline met Meghiben Meriya and Raniben Bhanani, two of the founding members of the trust.

Both Meghiben and Raniben are internationally recognised as patchwork designers creating narrative artwork of their culture. Jacqueline discovered how Meghiben talked of her life in the village through her quilt-making, using the medium to map place through personal history.

Raniben was born in Nagar Parkar, Pakistan and migrated to India in 1972. She lived in a refugee camp gaining India citizenship after 8 years. After the earthquake of 2001 she was one of the first women to create personally expressive narrative work.

Jacqueline worked to develop maps of the women’s current everyday domestic life. The mapsare a celebration of the everyday and the ladies took the lead in the creative dialogue betweenthemselves and Jacqueline . They defined themes for their maps and Jacqueline then responded to the activities chartered once the quilt was completed.

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Image C. Top Right: On Hearing of his Illness (I realized there were plants that needed watering) 1 of 6 Giclee Prints,
Bottom Image:  On Hearing of his Illness (Mapping Household Management) Fabric quilt, 2014, Jacqueline Butler