Lauren Sagar

Rochdale Cloth 3

A Call for Cloth (working title) is a new project by Lauren Sagar, and follows on from the Award Winning project The Chandelier of Lost Earrings.

“Everyone has a relationship with cloth, it is the thread that links us together. It’s history is political, personal, theatrical, familial, intimate and spiritual. Clothing and cloth are imbued with personal stories.”

People were invited to gift their stories relating to specific items of cloth with a description, a photograph of the item or of someone wearing it, or even a drawing. All gifts contributed towards the community of stories were then built upon and looked to extend the personal into a shared, yet deeply intimate, community narrative.

Over the length of the tour Lauren Sagar has been building up a community of contributors from all over the country and specifically in our Tall Tale locations of London, Rochdale and Glasgow. The artist has woven contributions together into a series of tactile, fabric blankets,  which reveal, rework, and retell these stories.

The blankets make their their public debut at Glasgow Women’s Library this October 2016.

The engagement process has also been supported by Tall Tales artist Joanna Peace. The volunteers and members at Glasgow Women’s Library have also been working with Joanna to respond to the Call for Cloth project with their own collaborative table runner / banner which will sit within the main library space for the Tall Tales exhibition.

An audio work accompanies the piece, consisting of the GWL members own cloth stories which you can listen to

If you would like to share your textile story and become part of we a beautiful textile inspired installation you can fill out the form here

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