Oona Grimes

2014_09_23-01Oona Grimes is a compulsive scribbler, maker and storyteller. Using meticulously cut stencils and spray paint, Grimes’ illusionistic portrayal of architectural structures and the denizens that haunt them, whip up a froth of misinterpretation, loss of language and a celebration of flatness.

Her drawings are an investigation into language, beginnings and ends of it, learning and losing it. Clay is the in­ between bit ­ the instinctive making­ness that fills in the gaps.

Together the drawings and the clay objects are a celebration of the absurd, a transformation of ordinary objects and simmering consomme of fact & fiction, an ongoing series of parallel worlds. Although physically separate, the three dimensional “Clay Things” shared a powerfully intimate relationship with the drawings. It is this symbiosis, this highly tensioned space between the more conscious drawings and the haptic language of clay­making that drives her current work, and a selection of both clay and drawing based works will be showcased for the Tall Tales programme.


Recent exhibitions include: Volta , New York NY : Danielle Arnaud 2016; Stop Bugging Me : Frame 2, Tintype, London, 2015; Bread & Jam, Whitbread Road, London, 2015; Delta, Five Years, London, 2015; Impact, Hangzhou, China, 2015; Abstract Apartment, Deborah House, London, 2015; Pigdogandmonkey Manifesto, Airspace Gallery, Stoke On Trent, UK, 2014; chapter two, Danielle Arnaud , 2014; against Nature, Camberwell Space, London, 2014; Glass Cat #2, Wimbledon Space, London, 2014; Hackney Harpoon, Saison Poetry Library, London Lines, in collaboration with Writer Iain Sinclair, 2013.

She is a visiting Lecturer at the Royal College of Art, London, and Ruskin School of Art Oxford University & University of the Arts London.

As part of the 2016 programme Tall Tales will be working with artist writing commissioner and developer Akerman Daly. Oona Grimes will be working with Akerman Daly taking up an library shelf on art and writing with AD online. See www.akermandaly.com


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