Lila De Magalhaes

Lila De Magalhaes was born in Rio de Janeiro in 1986. She moved to Zurich in 1989, studied at Glasgow School of Art 2004-2008, and University of Southern California 2011-2013 and currently lives and works in L.A.

Lila De Magalhaes is interested in perching right on the unsteady cusp between desire and abject, instinct and composure, animal and human. From video, soap, ink, or a performance with a Saint Bernard dog, her practice varies greatly in form.

Screen Shot 2015-11-16 at 7.11.44 PMMost recently she has made two mermaids out of clay resembling herself and her flat-mate. They sit together in a transient state, in a plastic bag filled with water. For Tall Tales Lila will showcase this new work Room mates alongside an accompanying video work ‘Rain Control’, which animates these mermaid figures through an everyday yet uncanny scenario – played out by non other than Lila and her flat mate.



Lila will also showcase a recent work, Same Together (The Lady and the Lion) a painting based upon a found artwork by American artist Terry Bowden from an artist project space called Creative G549528_10150977850241091_204305613_nrowth in Oakland, which supports adult artists with developmental, mental and physical disabilities. In his original image, the artist only paints in an albino palette with even fruits only depicted in white and pink.

Lila wanted to insert herself within this artist’s imagery, and pay homage to the work and its maker, creating a new piece Same Together (The Lady and Lion).


Image C. Lila De Magahlaes. Top image shots from Room Mates, 2015, Bottom image: Lila with the original Terry Bowden painting at Creative Growth, 2015